Conferences – 2017

  • “A Genetic Algorithm For Discovering Linguistic Communities In Spatiosocial Tensors With An Application To Trilingual Luxembourg”

    G. Drakopoulos, F. Stathopoulou, G. Tzimas, M. Paraskevas, Ph. Mylonas, S. Sioutas

    18th International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks, 25-27 August 2017, Athens, Greece

  • “A survey on political event analysis in Twitter”

    M. Korakakis, E. Spyrou, Ph. Mylonas

    12th International Workshop on Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP 2017)

  • “Towards A Framework For Tensor Ontologies Over Neo4j: Representations And Operations”

    G. Drakopoulos, A. Kanavos, D. Tsolis, Ph. Mylonas, S. Sioutas

    IEEE International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, 28-30 August 2017, Larnaca, Cyprus