Journals – 2016

  • “Analyzing Flickr metadata to extract location-based information and semantically organize its photo content”

    E. Spyrou, Ph. Mylonas

    Neurocomputing, Elsevier, Volume 172, pp. 114–133, January 2016

  • “A survey on Flickr multimedia research challenges”

    E. Spyrou, Ph. Mylonas

    Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier, Volume 51, pp. 71–91, May 2016

  • “Detection and Feature Extraction of Collective Activity in Human-Computer Interaction”

    I. Karydis, M. Avlonitis, Ph. Mylonas, S. Sioutas

    International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, IJACSA, 7(3), March 2016

  • “User adaptive and context aware Smart Home using pervasive and semantic technologies”

    A. Vlachostergiou, G. Stratogiannis, G. Caridakis, G. Siolas, Ph. Mylonas

    Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hindawi, Volume 2016, Article ID 4789803, 20 pages, August 2016